Satins Creations Womens Boutique

Bldg #41, East Main Street

Besides UPS, 

Avon Village Marketplace,

Avon, CT -  06001

Ph-  860-914-8795

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NEW ARRIVAL : Natural Quartz Amethyst Gemstone Beads Necklace with Fused Glass Beads & Carved Glass Pendant in the middle.... A One of a kind Gemstone Necklace !! Soon will be available at More Gemstone Necklaces with OPAL, JADE, ONYX, AGATE, QUARTZITE coming soon..... Plz comment below which Gemstone Necklace you prefer to wear... & what is your Birthstone!!

Quartz Amethyst Beads & Fused Glass Beads Necklace with Glass pendant